Don't Drink to Forget.
Drink to Remember.


1. The Unicorn of Vodka
2. 100% Organic
3. Farm to table
4. Hand selected Mulan Winter Wheat
5. Farmed and harvested with extreme quality measures
6. Pure Austrian Alpine water
7. No added sugars
8. No additives
9. No glucerine
10. Gluten Free
11. Award winning distillery
12. Distilled with 0 carbon emissions
13. Bottles crafted in France
14. Vertically integrated supply chain
15. Distilled 3 times in copper pots with temperature control to 0.01 Celsius
16. Only the most pristine distillation runs are bottled
17. Our Unicorn has the tail of a lion

TRUMAN® is a 100% Organic sipping Vodka that is a true farm to table spirit. We grow, harvest, and hand-select our Organic Wheat, and source Alpine spring water from the heart of Austria. The incredibly soft texture of the Organic Wheat combined with the low calcium, low sodium Alpine spring water, contributes to the astounding mouthfeel of Truman. We are committed to a truly authentic and clean Vodka. Thats why we never add any sugars, additives or glycerin. We copper pot distill 3 times, with each separate phase carefully monitored and maintained to ensure that perfection and balance has been reached. The invaluable advantage of home-grown ingredients, up cycled water, custom built systems, and self-sufficient energy have directly impacted our commitment to being carbon neutral and sustainable. Embodying the narrative of what it means to be true to yourself. We aim to spark a desire in those who drink Truman, one that will ignite the passion to not be afraid of breaking stereotypes, and norms, that will instead allow them to feel confident and comfortable with who they are, and who they are choosing to create memories with. Truman is a brand that poses the question, what is a True (Hu)man? Anyone can be a Truman if they remain true to themselves. TRUMAN isn’t a spirit, for those, who drink to forget. It’s a spirit for those, who drink to remember. Pease sip responsibly

The Tru(th)

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed from the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So through off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the tradewinds in your sails.

Explore, Dreams, Discover.”


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